Questions to Ask Before You Design Your Own T-Shirt

Are you enthusiastic about the T-shirt design industry or an avid lover of T-shirts? Whatever the reason behind your love for T-shirts, hopefully, this article will shed some light on the industry’s dos and don’ts. Hum along for insight about designing your T-shirt, whether commercial or for private use.

Contrary to what many believe, the T-shirt design industry is not something you can decide to venture into overnight and make the right steps towards success. It requires you to search your soul in depth before deciding, well, this is your thing. Plus, it takes time to grow in the design industry. Before having every checkbox in your checklist checked, you have to stumble along the way, making mistakes and learning from them.

People who decide to venture and fully immerse themselves into the industry overnight is the reason you find terrible T-shirt designs out there. Nothing feels horrible than making a T-shirt design that misses every mark and releasing it out for merchandise. Disappointment ensures from the onset, stock lying on the shelves longer than allowed, and minimal revenue generated from the merchandise.

So, before deciding to enter into the T-shirt design industry, ask yourself the following questions. And if you have the right answers for each question, why not leap into it.

Why this design?

Are you promoting a brand or launching a clothing line? Or you want to design an awesome T-shirt for public consumption. It would be best if you had an idea before putting together to converge different goals into a hot design in a T-shirt. If you are designing a T-shirt for your family members to wear during the next family rejoinder, every aspect of the quality design must be taken into consideration. What is important is the type of audience you specifically target with the designs. Is your design old school, millennia, or trendy?

Who is the audience?

This point refers to the wearer and the one to notice the designs when the T-shirts are worn. If you are designing for a ten-year-old, the message will be different from those designed for someone in their twenties. Focus your designs on the right audience. If you are designing a T-shirt to promote a brand, it is going to be different than the T-shirts designed for a family rejoinder. The audience is the determining factor in how your designs will look.

What is the market probability for my designs?

Here is one fundamental question to ask beforehand. And it is the most difficult to get hold of the right answers that fully satisfy the question. Although this question is difficult to give absolute right answers, it is still worth doing extensive research about the market before mass production takes over. Mind about the competition in the niche and think out of the box to unleash unique and captivating T-shirt designs that will take the market by storm. If your designs are quality, nothing will stop you from robbing the market share and earn authority in the industry.

Expertise for the project

Ask yourself if you have all the necessary expertise or you have to outsource some. If you are confident to create aesthetically appealing T-shirt designs, then you can go for it, and if you are outsourcing some expertise, don’t hesitate—quality matters.


Think about production and the size of the market you will supply.

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