What should you expect from the event photographer?

Finding a photographer is not enough for your event to be covered successfully. It goes deep into tits and bits of what the package offered by the photographers entail. You will need to agree on terms of the contract with your event photographer on many aspects of photography. For example, the contract will have a wide spectrum of issues, ensuring that need to be agreed upon by both parties. Others will cover your event and deliver a soft copy only; others will include printouts while others may include an album for your photos and frame for the outer cover photos. Agree what the contract entails and what to expect at the end of the event.

Things you need to consider with your photographer


It is good to the availability of your photographer in advance so that you are sure your photographer will appear on that day, sometimes they are tricky, they can’t say no to their clients even if they are already booked up for that. It is understandable, they don’t want to miss a penny from their prospecting, clients, and sometimes they will go for the highest bidder and fail the lowest. It is good to be sure. It is good to drill your photographer a little bit, go the extra mile to ascertain if the photographer is the owner or an employee of a photo studio company. If he owns a studio, then at least you know your event coverage is in the right hands. Let them know your expectations and what you would like covered most. Find out if he is expected to have an assistant or he will be alone. Having an assistant in most cases is a surety that that nothing will be missed out. You will also plan for their logistics to avoid late arrival when the event is already underway.

Photo shooting experience

It is good to have a seasoned photographer for your event. Someone with good reviews and plenty of shooting experience to avoid disappointments of missed photos or poor quality photos. The photographers should pre-visit the area to familiarize well with the place, design the mode of lighting and angle of coverage, and every other aspect they should know beforehand. Find out if there are any restrictions to flashlights and if the guests are friendly to flash, if not design the mode of lighting accordingly.

Photograph style

If you are not familiar with the styles related to photography, feel free to ask your photographer and settle at the most appropriate photograph styling.  Choose the types of frames and themes to be incorporated into your photos.


Discuss and negotiate the prices and sign the contract agreement before the commencement of the event. You should agree on the best charges per hour and if there could be any need for overtime charges to you.